Safety is essential to FLCKids and we have compiled our policies and procedures below to serve your kids safe and ensuring volunteers are informed and resourced.



FLCKids Mission & Vision Statement

MISSION: Changing the way kids see God. The mission behind FLCKids is to inspire boldness and equip them with the Word of God so they can change the world.


VISION: FLCKids will be a family for young believers that will offer unconditional love and acceptance to all children, while we challenge and encourage them as they grow into the next generation of victorious leaders.

Our hope, by the help of our current curriculum, is to set the following foundations:

Making wiser choices
Building stronger relationships
Developing a deeper faith


Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • All volunteers are expected to be professing believers.

  • All teachers, leaders, volunteers, and employees are expected to attend at a service on the weekends they are not serving and act as a member of the FLC congregation.

  • All volunteers must be approved by the Children’s Ministry Director, submit a children’s ministry questionnaire and have a background check on file.

  • All volunteers are required to check-in with the service manager before reporting to their classrooms to serve.

  • All volunteers are required to be in their assigned classes 20 minutes early to ensure the room is ready to receive kids. This follows the pre-service prayer that starts 30 minutes prior to service time.

  • All volunteers MUST participate in training events.

  • All volunteers must try to notify FLCKids director of an upcoming absence at LEAST 24 hours prior to scheduled date. This will ensure we operate in proper ratios in the classroom.

  • All volunteers must treat children equally regardless of sex, race, or culture. No favoritism will be shown.

  • All volunteers must always speak positively to parents, children, and guests. If there is an issue or concern, the service manager and/or children’s minister will handle speaking to the parents.


Policies and Procedures


The safety of our children at FLC is one of the MOST important things. It is our responsibility to ensure a nurturing, positive and safe environment in FLCKids.

ALL volunteers must abide by the following rules:

  • There will never be a volunteer left alone with any child. (2 adults in the classroom at all times) If you need something at all, please reach the service manager or the volunteer who is in the hall.

  • Ratios are as follows:

  • Nursery (6 weeks- 18 months) 4 children- 1 adult

  • Toddler (18 months-3 years) 6 children- 1 adult

  • Preschool 3s, 4s-5s (3-5 years) 10 children-1 adult

  • Elementary (K-5th grade) 25 children- 1 adult

  • Children will NEVER be left unsupervised

  • NO form of corporal punishment of any kind for any reason is acceptable (i.e. physical, verbal, sexual, mental abuse, or neglect)

  • Parents are to be notified if an accident report needs to be filled out for a child.

  • If any unfamiliar persons are in the classroom, please notify the service manager and the FLCKIDS Minister. This person needs will be addressed.


  • Upon arrival, each child will be checked into the system and a name tag will be attached to their clothing. The parent will receive their “parent sticker” with the exact code for the child. When the parent returns to pick the child up, they must present the sticker to the teacher and teachers MUST check to make sure the codes match, then release the child with the guardian. The stickers will be collected at the check point at the exit of the hallway.

  • If the parent does not have the parent sticker, the classroom leader must call the Children’s Minister. Children may ONLY be released to individuals showing their ID and checking the database system.

  • No person under the age of 18 is allowed to claim a child out of the classroom without the matching sticker and a written permission on file.

  • First time guests will need to fill out all information in the database. Each new child will be escorted to their designated classroom.


  • All main entrance doors of the FLCKids building are to be manned at all times.

  • Only people with parent/child tags picking up or dropping off children are allowed in the children’s wing


  • Make sure that the restroom is not occupied. Stay at the doorway while the child is using the restroom. If a child needs help, keep the door OPEN and ask for another volunteer to step into the restroom so that the volunteer can be seen at all times.

  • When a volunteer is changing a diaper, they must remain in open view.

  • Make sure to have all supplies (diaper, wipes, spray, gloves) needed before placing the child on the changing table.

  • Clean bottoms from front to back with a wet wipe.

  • Put soiled wipes in the diaper.

  • Remove diaper and place in trash can.
• Put clean diaper under child’s bottom and fasten.

  • Return the child to a supervised area.

  • Clean changing table with disinfectant

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer

  • Never take your eyes or hands off child you are changing while on the table to prevent the child from rolling off.


  • Any child with any of the following symptoms will bot be allowed to participate in FLCKids Children’s Ministry until they have been symptom free for 24 hours. If a child should develop any of these while in the program, the parent or guardian shall be notified and the child will be picked up in a timely manner. The teachers will also notify the other children’s parents upon check out that one of the children went home with symptoms.

  • Fever over 100 degrees in the last 24 hours

  • Vomiting in the last 24 hours

  • Diarrhea in the last 24 hours

  • Skin rashes or eruptions of unknown origin, including but not limited to : impetigo, measles, chicken pox, etc.

  • Persistent coughing

  • Runny nose with a yellow or green colored discharge

  • Pink Eye
• Parasites, any form of lice, mites, or ringworm.

  • The parent or guardian of a child is the only one allowed to administer any form of medication to the child with the exception of diaper rash cream/epi pen with parental instruction. 


While snacks and projects involving food can be very enjoyable and fun for kids, we want to provide a safe environment for all the children who enter into FLCKids.

The following guidelines must be observed in classrooms:

  • FLC will provide GOLDFISH or CHEERIOS. These snacks will be provided by the service manager

  • If a child elects to provide his/her own snack, the parent MUST inform the service manager and/or director upon arrival. ALL ingredients must be communicated

  • ALWAYS look on the child’s sticker to see if they have any allergies.

Please understand that these guidelines are for the protection of the children. There are children in our ministry who have allergies to peanuts, other nuts, red dye, dairy products, wheat/ gluten, soy and more. PLEASE be careful.



A lockdown procedure will be used to secure the building and persons in the building during a crises/emergency situation. A lockdown will be declared when, in the opinion of the Church Staff, a situation exists that threatens the safety of the children and staff and requires they remain in their classroom.

A notification of a Lockdown will be communicated to the individual classrooms by a Service Manager or the FLCKids Minister. When the Lockdown is communicated, you should be told why.

DO NOT panic or say anything to cause the children to panic
or become upset. Count the children in your classroom. Calmly move the children away from all doors and windows. Please secure the door stopper, under the door, in place.  If you are in a classroom with a bathroom, move to that area of the room. Check to make sure all doors and windows are locked. Turn off lights. Stay in the classroom and protect and calm the children until the Staff or Security Personnel gives you the all clear.




Each classroom will exit through the far children’s wing door (with the apples) and continue to walk to the large field area.

Always make sure a teacher exits first. When exiting, a teacher should scan the environment for potential problems and/or threats.

All classes meet in central location; preferably, not a parking lot. Classes should meet in the field beside the children’s wing. Be sure to gather all children and obtain a head count of all students. Report to Family Pastor, Hannah Hooker (757-951-8070), and wait for clearance.

Biting/Behavior Policy

When one child bites/hits another, the first line of action is to separate the children and deal with the physical and emotional needs of injury. Then, address the inappropriate behavior of the offender. Simply tell the child “NO biting/hitting,” and place him
or her away from the other children for a moment. Assign a volunteer to observe the child closely for the remainder of the service and/or call parents to come get the child. Fill out an “Accident Report” form and then call both parents.

If there is a second incident of biting/behavior regarding the same offender, a parent will be asked to remain the  classroom to supervise their own child until the FLCKids staff is satisfied that the Child has overcome this “Phase” and will no longer pose a threat to the other children.





Classroom Break Down

Nursery (6 weeks- 2 years old)-

Our heart is to give the top of the line care and most incredible experience for both children, as well as, the parents. We believe that a relationship with Jesus can begin at an early age. During your infant and toddler’s time in FLCKids we will start with repetitive Bible verses and simple Bible songs to build their Biblical foundation with the Lord.


Preschool (3 years old- 5 years old)

Beginning at the age of 3, we will teach the children basic Bible stories and have interactive activities to reiterate God’s amazing love and grace for them. Our main objective for this age is know that they can have a relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, and that He loves them very much.


Small Groups (Kindergarten-1st grade Small Group, 2nd-3rd grade small group, and 4th-5th grade small group)

This is most exciting environment! This is where the children will have an opportunity to worship, hear a funny, engaging skit and learn an everyday lesson in our LARGE group setting. After that, each specific small group will split up in their appropriate age group and be able to have more intimate conversations about their large group Bible lesson.  During this time, they will build relationships with their small group leader, as well as, with peers.



Thank you so much for choosing to invest in the next generation of leaders here at Freedom Life Church. We are blessed to have you serve along side of us! Have a blessed day!